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Treat Yourself – Purexpert Balancing Facial




Whilst nothing can beat enjoying the full professional treatment delivered by your therapist, as businesses have had to close for a while – you can treat yourself at home with our easy to follow full professional facial therapy. Perfect for skin with breakouts and oiliness, this balancing treatment uses a selection of our professional products that work to deliver results using highly effective ingredients. Following the cleansing and toning of your skin. Our very special ‘Deeping’ is an enzyme exfoliator with Papaya for cell renewal and Valerian which slightly anaesthetises the skin should any extraction be required. This form of exfoliation is incredibly gentle whilst also being powerful in renewing the skin. Once the skin has been exfoliated, an application of our Intensive Balancing Ampoule works against pore blockage, reduces any inflammation and bacterial growth, calming and purifying the skin regulating the sebum level and leaving the skin with a matt effect and with the feel of extreme comfort. Your treatment continues with the application of our anti-stress mask


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