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Timexpert Lift (IN) Supreme Firmness Collection (8 units)




The ultimate gift to target loose skin, this beautiful boxed set contains the complete Timexpert Lift (IN) collection to lift, firm and redefine the face, eyes, neck and chin. Save over £100. This luxurious gift box contains the complete Timexpert Lift (IN) collection to lift and firm the face, eyes, neck and chin.
Timexpert Lift (IN) works at the root of the problem, to restructure and redefine the facial contour, by lifting, firming and volumising the skin.
Your Gift Contains: Timexpert Lift Vector Lift Serum 50ml – Richer and more nourishing than a conventional serum, Vector Lift reinforces the mesh underneath the skin to add support and volume. It’s light and refreshing formula lifts and tautens from inside the skin to become visible outside. After continued use, the face will appear re-sculpted and lifted with the appearance of pores reduced. Timexpert Lift Supreme Definition Facial Cream 50ml – A deeply hydrating cream that tautens, firms and lifts the facial contour. Our first anti-ageing cream to contain Alpha-Gel Technology which forms a light film to protect and lift the skin from the first application. With continued use, the facial features are redefined, the skin is tightened, and lines and wrinkles smoothed. Timexpert Lift Supreme Definition Eye Contour 15ml – Our Supreme Definition Eye Cream contains Blefaroplex, an exclusive ingredient developed in our laboratories, able to strengthen and rebuild the structure of the dermis to lift, firm and redefine the whole eye area – including the top eyelids. Neck & Décolletage Tautening & Firming Cream 50ml – As the neck is more sensitive to environmental aggressions, it loses firmness more quickly. This rich cream reinforces the fragile epidermis to redensify the skin. 94% have less flaccidity and sagging of the double chin.* Recontouring V-Shape Chin Tissue Mask (2 x 2 Masks) – This innovative anti-flaccidity mask contains active ingredients that work to lift and firm the chin area. In just 15 minutes it tautens, hydrates, rejuvenates and recovers the contours of the chin. 83% noticed an immediate lifting effect.


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