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Sperience Cinnamon & Ginger Scrub 200ml




This oil-based body exfoliator contains Cinnamon, Bitter Orange and Ginger extract to remove dead skin cells whilst supplying the skin with nutrients and activating circulation. An invigorating experience for the body and senses. This exotic body scrub contains Ginger, Cinnamon and Bitter Orange extracts together with Aromatic Orange Blossom Water to invigorate the body whilst renewing the skin. The essential nutrients within these carefully selected ingredients help to improve the skin’s appearance whilst protecting it against ageing. A beautiful scrub that exfoliates effectively with a gorgeous aroma.
Classification: Energy Our Sperience Energy range is designed specifically for those feeling down, lethargic, uninspired, apathetic or exhausted. These products should help re-activate the body, improving optimism and recharging the batteries.


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