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Rose Hip & Night Success Luxury Gift Box




This beautiful gift box contains two of our top selling products with a saving of over £20. Rose Hip Oil is a multi-use oil to repair, soothe and nourish face, body, hair and nails. Night Success Mask provides intensive nourishment, hydration and anti-wrinkle defence whilst you sleep. Your Gift Box Contains: Multi-Regenerating Rose Hip Oil (30ml): Our UK bestseller – this advanced Rose Hip formula is designed to mix with any face or body moisturiser for extra nourishing, firming and regenerating benefits. Its ultra-light texture prevents breakouts making it suitable for all skin types. Particularly beneficial for dry, dehydrated or stressed skin. Night Success Renewing Sleep Mask (30ml): Our worldwide bestseller – this revolutionary mask works throughout the night to strengthen the skin’s metabolism using Lime Caviar, Pro-Collagestine-Fill and encapsulated vitamins. 93% have more hydrated, supple, refined skin. 85% have increased luminosity.* Multi-Regenerating Rose Hip Oil Double Award Winner
Best Facial Oil Age 50+ & Editors Choice (Beauty Shortlist Awards 2019)
Why is Multi Regenerating Rose Hip Oil so popular? Boosted Results: Formulated specifically to mix with any face or body moisturiser for enhanced results. Multi-Regenerating: Highly concentrated Vitamin A to regenerate the skin more quickly than regular Rose Hip Oil. Double the Anti-oxidants: The additional Bixa Orellana is packed with anti-oxidants & carotenoids to reduce inflammation, protect against solar radiation, repair scars and reduce wrinkles. Ultra-Light Texture: Doesn’t cause breakouts on the face as regular rosehip oils can. Suitable for all skin types. Recommended for Dehydrated skin frequently subjected to extreme climates or chemical agents that unbalance the skin’s optimal hydration level. Skin undergoing surgery chemical peeling, lifting, post-surgical scars. Skin undergoing oncological treatments (radiotherapy and chemotherapy) presenting alterations such as dryness, redness or itching Stretch marks to help improve the ones already existing and prevent new stretch marks – Ideal for pregnant women. Dark spots related to hormone changes or excessive solar exposures. All skin types can benefit from the additional anti-oxidants and Vitamin A – boosting all-round skin health and rejuvenation. Timexpert Rides Night Success Renewal Mask Why use a night mask?
While we sleep, the synthesis of collagen fibres, elimination of toxins and cellular oxygenation reach their highest levels. These processes help the skin stay healthy, balanced and protected. As our day to day lives become more hectic and stressful many of us don’t get the needed amount of sleep and therefore our skin suffers, presenting signs of premature ageing such as wrinkles and dull tone.
Night Success helps to combat this lack of sleep by helping the skin to detoxify, hydrate and boost collagen production. Its intelligent formula forms a transparent ‘bubble’ that effectively locks in the ingredients so they can work within the skin for hours. Therefore wrinkles and dehydration lines are reduced, skin tone is brighter and texture is smoothed


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