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Phytocare Firm & Tonic Oil 100ml




Luxurious, dry body oil with Baobab oil to hydrate, firm and tone, which smells delicious and is beautiful to apply. A luxurious dry body oil containing ethically sourced Baobab seed oil. With a high content of omegas and vitamins, this prestigious oil has powerful anti-oxidising and regenerating effects whilst boosting collagen production and the skin’s elasticity.
Main Benefits
Increases collagen production Increases skin elasticity Reduces stretch marks Hydrates, nourishes & protects Ideal during pregnancy Key Ingredients
Organic Baobab Seed Oil: With a high content of Omegas and Vitamins, this prestigious oil has powerful anti-oxidising, nourishing, hydrating, soothing and regenerating effects. Birch Oil, Lupinus Albus Seed Oil & Centella Asiatica: protects the elastin and connective tissue whilst increasing collagen synthesis to firm the skin. Apricot Oil & Carrot Oil: Soothe and protect the skin


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