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Phytocare Dreamy Legs




This cooling gel contains organic Baobab oil and active ingredients to firm the skin, unify tone and reduce fluid retention. After one application, legs feel immediately light and refreshed. Perfect during pregnancy.
This unique cooling gel works to shape the legs by reducing fluid retention, firming the skin and creating more uniformed tone. It’s cool effect formula instantly refreshes the legs so you can walk with a spring in your step.
Main Benefits: Reduces water retention Relieves the sensation of heavy legs Provides an even skin tone Firm the legs Nourishes the skin Recommended for: Great during pregnancy Those who fly often Anyone with sore/swollen legs Key Ingredients Organic Baobab Seed Oil: With a high content of Omegas and Vitamins, this prestigious oil has powerful anti-oxidising, nourishing, hydrating, soothing and regenerating effects. Zingiber Extract: Acknowledged by Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Award 2012 for its ability to reduce water retention, improve micro-circulation and refine the adipose tissue. Essential Oils (Mint, Cypress, Lemon Peel & Lavender): Relieves, refreshes and relaxes the sensation of heaviness of tired legs. Lupinus Albus Seed Oil: Increases collagen synthesis while protecting its structure to improve firmness. Plant Extracts (Butcher’s Broom, Lemon & Goldenrod): Activates circulation and has a draining effect.


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