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Outback Organics Botanical Oil (pre & post waxing) 100ml



A light, protective body oil which contains a nourishing blend of organic rosehip, olive and argan oils and the antioxidant benefits of green tea. 4-in-1 body oil for use pre-waxing, post-waxing, pre-shaving. Can be used as a ‘dry oil’ body moisturiser. Nut-free formula with organic rosehip, olive and argan oils, plus green tea extract. Helps to maintain the body’s own hydro-lipid layer. Suitable for use under all strip and peelable waxes. Use after waxing to remove the last traces of sticky wax from the body. At home, use under shave creams for extra comfort and less razor drag. May be also used as a conditioning body oil to seal in moisture, leaving the skin cashmere soft and deliciously scented. Vegan friendly. Use At Home: Massage into the skin before applying shaving cream or foam. Use daily after bathing or showering as a moisturising body oil.


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