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Danugur Men’s Fitness and Grooming

Feel Good. Look Good.

Today’s man needs to look sharp 24/7. Whether it’s making a good impression at work, keeping the missus happy, or just looking fine on a Friday night. Image is everything.

Danugur will help you wax it, buff it and flex it. We’re not just offering a service, we’re offering a lifestyle. A brand new you, polished to perfection.


The Danugur Story

How we became the company that focuses on male fitness and grooming.

A bit of manscaping isn’t unusual these days. Look around and you’ll see smooth skin, waxed chests and toned muscles. However on the high street there are very few mainstream salons that acknowledge this; which means that treatments for men are limited.

At Danugur we tailor our services to meet the specific needs of today’s man. From waxing to tanning, personal training to massage, we encompass everything you need to stay looking sharp.

We want London men to feel confident in themselves and we want to give you access to the same level of choice that women have when it comes to looking after your appearance.

The Danugur Service

Discretion is our middle name

We know that while male grooming is now the norm, it’s not necessarily something you’d talk about down the pub. So to avoid you bumping into your best friend’s missus down the local salon, we offer a more discreet mobile and home service, where you can come to us, or we can visit you.

Treatments for women

Although our early vision was to ensure men receive the same top quality treatments as women we’ve also branched out. Due to strong word of mouth we’ve received a huge demand from partners, sisters and mothers who also want to enjoy our exclusive services. So we’ve introduced a unique range of women’s treatments, from body scrubs to massage, ensuring no one is excluded from the Danugur experience.

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